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The first volume of Small Letters is entitled "traces." Each issue can stand alone but fits more broadly into a 12-month series that is intended to be read as a series of posted letters. Readers are encouraged to subscribe to all 12 and receive them in order with their original postage markings. Readers may subscribe to the series through the end of 2019 or until it sells out. Each issue is individually numbered in a limited set and hand made by artists Rachel Linn and Marika Josephson. The typeface used for "traces" is Cochin, a historical typeface chosen for the first novel Gertrude Stein printed under her Plain Editions imprint, Lucy Church Amiably.

Subscriptions will begin November 2018 with the first issue mailed January 2019. Please add your name to the email list to be notified when you may subscribe to the series.



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