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on life, death & flowers

One of a pair of short books, on life, death, and flowers is a meditation by women writers whose work has been lost to time, from well-known authors whose greater body of work or poetry have disappeared, to women who were prolific in their day but are virtually unknown today, to those whose work simply never became part of the literary canon. on life, death, and flowers puts women in conversation with one another in intriguing new ways.


Includes writings from: Louisa May Alcott, Margaret Fuller, Katharine Tynan, Anna Lætitia Barbauld, Susan Fenimore Cooper, and Mary Wollstonecraft.

Curated by Rachel Linn and Marika Josephson, printed on vellum paper with archival ink, and bound by hand with original cover art by Marika Josephson. 24 pages.

Available with black or teal cover art. Packaged with removable sleeve in small letters envelope.

50 copies made.


on life, death, and flowers - black

on life, death, and flowers - teal

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