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small letters press

Small Letters Press is an independent publisher of literary writing, curated, edited, and assembled by hand by Rachel Linn and Marika Josephson. Our projects are carefully designed to amplify meaning through the formal qualities of the work: illustrations, book layout and construction, or the printing process. Each work is a small world unto itself, an intimate message from the author to the reader.

We publish innovative short poems and prose, as well as philosophical and cultural commentary. We are not currently accepting submissions.



Rachel Linn writes and illustrates across multiple genres, in both surrealist and realist modes. Her published writing consists of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry and her visual art merges drawing, printmaking, and needlework techniques - often taking the form of handmade books (including some to be assembled by the reader). She holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of Washington and was the 2020 Artist-in-Residence at the Printery Book Arts Lab at Central Print. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in literature. 

Marika Josephson has a PhD in philosophy from the New School for Social Research and employs a thoughtful approach to beer-making as co-owner of Scratch Brewing Company. Scratch is a farmhouse brewery that specializes in small-batch beer made with locally sourced ingredients, many of which are harvested in the woods around the brewery. Marika is the co-author of The Homebrewer's Almanac, and numerous other essays on beer and food rooted in the Midwest. She and partner Aaron Kleidon were nominated for a James Beard Award in 2020 for Outstanding Beer, Wine, & Spirits Producer. True to this soulful take on nature and beer-making, Marika also writes haiku and short poetry. Her work has been published in Frogpond, Hummingbird, and her poem "spring morning," was chosen as one of the best haiku of the year in 2016.

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